OPC Foundation announces Stefan Hoppe as president

 OPC Foundation announces Stefan Hoppe as president


<img src = "http://www.automation.com/files/pluginfiles/item_99564/field_376/hoppe_reg.jpg" alt = "OPC Foundation Announces Stefan Hoppe as President [31659002] October 31, 2018 [19659002] - The OPC Foundation welcomes Stefan Hoppe as the next President and Executive Director Mr Burke, the former President and Executive Director, appointed Mr Hoppe as his successor before resigning at the last meeting of the Administrative Council, at the same meeting Mr Hoppe was elected by the Bureau. Mr. Burke remains an officer on the board of directors and will continue his widespread evangelism for the acquisition of OPC UA in various areas, including operational activities and responsibility for the global adoption of OPC standards and the further development of the organization. [19659003] Stefan Hoppe is a longtime member of the control automation industry and the OPC Foundation, and joined the company in 1995 as an electrical engineer BECKHOFF, where he developed the classic OPC server and in 2006 the world's first OPC UA server integrated in an embedded controller. In 2008, he initiated and led the PLCopen OPC UA Companion working group, the results of which are being adopted by several internationally known manufacturers in the process industry and discrete manufacturing. In 2010, Mr. Hoppe was elected President of the OPC Foundation Europe. Since 2014 he is Vice President of the OPC Foundation and member of the OPC board. In the following years, Hoppe became an OPC-UA evangelist, increasingly committed to the introduction of OPC technologies. Experts see OPC UA as a core standard in the emerging Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 movements.

The key qualifications that the OPC Foundation sought in Mr. Burke's successor were in-depth knowledge of the existing organization, a well-formed long-term vision for the OPC Foundation, a strategic and collaborative mindset. With over 12 years of work and promotion of OPC UA and over eight years of active leadership by the OPC Foundation, Mr. Hoppe has been a natural complement to this role.

Expressing his thoughts on the presidential election, Mr. Hoppe said: "Honor, the responsibility and exciting opportunity to be entrusted to lead this incredible global organization to its full potential. While the roots of the OPC Foundation come from industrial automation and will always be anchored there, in my opinion, our job is to broaden our horizons in many ways - both in industrial automation and in other new markets. "The Future Introduction of OPC Technology Mr. Hoppe continued," The value of open, secure and vendor-independent data interoperability that the OPC UA standard introduces is universal and as important to IoT applications in all markets as it is to connect computers the internet with ethernet. My mission is to position and grow the OPC Foundation to work on this scale. "

About the OPC Foundation

Since 1996, the OPC Foundation has facilitated the development and adoption of OPC standards information exchange. As the proponent and administrator of these specifications, the Foundation's mission is to help industrial enterprises, end users, and software developers maintain the interoperability of their manufacturing and automation resources. The OPC Foundation strives to provide the best specifications, technologies, processes, and certifications to achieve secure, reliable, and reliable interoperability with multiple vendors and platforms for transferring data and information from the embedded world to the enterprise cloud. The foundation manages over 600 members worldwide in the areas of industrial automation, IT, IoT, IIoT, M2M, Industry 4.0, building automation, machine tools, pharmacy, petrochemicals and smart energy.

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