Optimal Engineering Systems announces seven solenoid control modules

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  Optimal Engineering Systems Announces Seven Solenoid Control Modules

6. June 2018 – Optimal Engineering Systems offers seven types of solenoid control modules: pick-and-hold driver, proportional driver, closed-loop solenoid process control, pick-and-drop, load-on-off power Cycling, Dual Proportional Valve Controller and Serial Controlled Solenoid Driver Modules. Applications of these 3,000-inch x 3,000-inch modules include: solenoid valves, valves, actuators, DC motors, solenoids, hydraulics, LEDs, power amplifiers for electropneumatic proportional valves, and pressure and flow control valves.

Fitting An application, there are several variations of each of the seven basic types of modules listed, for example: single device – low-side driver, two devices – low-side driver, single device – selectable low and high-side Drivers, two devices – selectable low and high side drivers, +50 VDC or +80 VDC versions, high current versions, serial control, and bidirectional load change versions to name but a few.

Standard features of these modules are: microcomputer-based, simple supply of +9 VDC to + 50VDC and high output current 15 amps peak, 4 amps RMS. The modules also include a flyback diode (snubber or freewheeling diode) per output device.

Optional accessories include: solenoid commander card, solenoid control module, DIN rail mounting bracket, trackball and joystick controller, solenoid control system, and various solenoids. In addition, all components can be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system

About OES

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) is a manufacturer of motion control products including: Stepper motor controls and drivers, electromagnet electronics and positioning tables and slides. Applications include: animation, automated assembly systems, automation, CNC machines, flight simulation, inspection systems, linear and rotary tables, machine tools, medical devices, motion control camera boom systems, optical comparators, CMMs, pan-tilt gimbals, PCB assembly & inspection, picking and-place, positioning tables, robotics, scanners, surveillance cameras, telescopic drives, time lapse photography and winder

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