Optimal Engineering Systems launches rotary positioning tables with X-axis plus motorized linear axis

 Optimal Engineering Systems launches rotary positioning tables with X-axis plus motorized linear axis


  Optimal Engineering Systems publishes X-axis motorized rotary positioning tables

19. November 2018 - Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has released a series of X-axis tables with integrated rotary positioning tables. The four X and Theta stages of this series have linear travel of: 15 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm rotary table with continuous 360 O rotation in both directions, diameter 100 mm. A version with a diameter of 60 mm is also available. These X and Theta stages are designed for applications such as angle cutting and grinding, wafer alignment, semiconductor handling, laser cutting, drilling, machining, scanning, inspection, assembly and testing.

The X-axis stages move on crossed roller bearings and are driven with a precision leadscrew ground at a rate of 1 mm per revolution at speeds of up to 5 mm / s. With a 3 micron repeat accuracy, the linear resolution of the x-axis stages is 0.5 micron (10 microsteps per stepper motor driver used) and 0.25 micron (20 microsteps per stepper motor driver used) with a 10 micron positional accuracy.

The theta stage with a diameter of 100 mm is driven by a 180: 1 worm gear. The resolution of the theta step is 0.001 O (10 microsteps per stepper motor driver used). The repeatability is 0.005 O the position accuracy is 0.01 O and the game is 0.005 O . An accurate pattern of tapped holes in the table allows the installation of tools.

Two-phase stepper motors are standard. A button for manual setting of the stepper motors can be replaced by an incremental encoder for position checking or a servomotor. These black anodized aluminum X-theta steps can be integrated into new or existing systems. Compatible motion controllers are available from OES and the X-Plus theta stages can also be ordered as complete plug-and-play systems.

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