Otis Announces Otis ONE IoT Service Platform for Elevators and Escalators

  Otis Announces Otis ONE IoT Service Platform for Elevators and Escalators

21. May 2018 – At the World Elevator Expo, Otis presented its IoT service platform "Otis ONE". Otis ONE is the company's connected elevator solution that personalizes the service experience through real-time transparent information sharing, proactive communication tools and predictive maintenance insights. Otis, a manufacturer and maintainer of passenger transportation products, including elevators, escalators and moving walkways, is a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Within this networked digital ecosystem, information is collected directly from elevators and escalators using intelligent sensor technology. The data is then sent to the cloud where it is aggregated and analyzed, and transmitted in real-time to Otis customers and dedicated service teams. Otis ONE uses data from more than 300,000 connected units to provide proactive insights and a more proactive customer service solution.

Otis customers receive real-time health data on their devices. With the Otis ONE Campus View you can immediately view your connected Otis portfolio with one click. Otis ONE provides access to real-time information about device performance.

Using Otis ONE's digital insights, the platform transforms customer equipment data into predictive insights, keeping Otis teams one step ahead of potential problems and keeping equipment and people moving safely. This also means that OTISLINE Customer Care can contact the customer and service professionals in case of service to obtain the required information and parts for on-site reconnection.

And for Otis customers, Otis ONE is innovative. A kind of video connection between the elevator car and OTISLINE ensures that passengers are not alone when help is needed.

Otis unveiled Otis ONE at the World Elevator Expo, where the company also demonstrates elevator voice integration capabilities with Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana.

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 Otis Announces Otis ONE IoT Service Platform for Elevators and Escalators

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