Pentek Announces Jade Model 71865 Software Radio Receiver

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  Pentek Announces Jade Model 71865 Software Radio Receiver

6. July 2018 – Pentek announced the 71865 2-channel jade model, a 200 MHz 16-bit A / D channelizer with 762 narrowband digital down converters (DDCs) and 4 broadband DDCs running on the Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA based. The Model 71865 is a software radio receiver solution for commercial, military and government applications with high channel counts.

The Model 71865 features two A / D Acquisition IP modules to simplify data collection and transmission. Each Acquisition IP module contains a controller for all data clock, trigger, and synchronization functions. From each of the two acquisition modules, A / D sample data flows into identical IP modules consisting of banks of broadband and narrowband DDCs. Finally, the data is transferred to four DMA controllers connected to the PCIe Gen.3-x8 interface for transmission to a signal processor.

The four wideband DDCs can be set for decimation values ​​between 8 and 128 in increments of 4. Bandwidths from 1.25 MHz to 20 MHz

Each of the six narrowband DDC banks can be configured to operate in three various modes, each mode providing a different number of DDC channels and a range of decimations. The output bandwidths range from 20 kHz to 1.25 MHz. All DDCs can be independently tuned from 0 Hz to 200 MHz with 32 bit resolution.

Three banks of resampling filters accept input samples from each narrowband DDC at one sampling rate and provide output samples at a different rate. Resampling filters are often used to symbol recover signals using modern digital modulation schemes.

Pentek's Navigator BSP provides a complete collection of C-invokable libraries that support features of the Model 71865 and demonstrate all of its functionality with examples. The software package contains a complete source code that allows the user to modify and integrate this functionality into the end application. Navigator BSP also includes a Signal Viewer utility that allows developers to view digitized signals from the output samples of any DDC in the time and frequency domain.

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