Pentek Introduces the Model 8257 3U VPU Development Chassis for Quartsk's Pentz RFSoC FPGA Family

 Pentek Introduces the Model 8257 3U VPU Development Chassis for Quartsk's Pentz RFSoC FPGA Family 

  Pentek Introduces Model 8257 3U VPX Enclosure for Pentek's Quartz RFSoC FPGA Product Family

30. October 2018 - Pentek introduces the Model 8257 3U VPX Development Case for Pentek's Quartz RFSoC FPGA product family. Designed specifically for the Pentek's Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC 3U-VPX Model 5950 processor, the 8257 chassis features a single-slot backplane, power supply, forced cooling, and ports to support all of the 5950's and 8.4's GHz 14-bit D / As provides the 5950 with the 8257 chassis an integrated platform that is immediately ready for the development of RFSoC applications. By connecting a workstation, an engineer can create, test, run, and debug custom software and FPGA designs.

The Model 8257 is configured to accept the user's Quartz 3U-VPX Model 5950 board that houses the QuartzXM eXpress Module (Model 6001) with the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC FPGA. The 8257 includes the rear transition module (RTM) 5901 for backplane I / O connections and all required cables. Optional MPO connectors (multiple fiber push-on / pull-off) support the two 100 GigE interfaces of the 5950 with VITA 66.4.

With this platform, the user can immediately start application and concept verification concepts on a tested platform. Developers can connect a laptop or desktop PC with Xilinx's Vivado Design Suite and Pentek's Navigator Design Suite to get started.

The enclosure provides power and cooling on a desktop footprint and provides access to all required interfaces on the front panel and the rear transition module. The Model 8257 is 7.59 "W x 12.12" D x 16.75 "H and weighs 17.8 kg with a 250 watt power supply.

The heart of the Model 5950 is the Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC FPGA by Xilinx The device is equipped with multi-core ARM processors, which often eliminates the need for an additional single-board computer.The FPGA supports communication interfaces commonly found on general-purpose processors such as USB, RS-232, GbE, and DisplayPort The 5950 provides access to these processor interfaces, as well as JTAG and general-purpose FPGA I / O.

The Model 8257 can be equipped with optional dual optical MPO connectors that are fully compatible with ANSI / VITA 66.4 to support the Support Two Model 5950 100GeE Interfaces The enclosure uses these dual optical interfaces to stream data streaming for built-in functional examples such as data acquisition and waveform generation

Pentek's Navigator Design Suite includes the Navigator FDK (FPGA Design Kit) for custo m IP development and Navigator BSP (Board Support Package) for building host software applications.

The FDK navigator includes the entire FPGA design of the board as a block diagram, as well as all the source code, Pentek's AXI-4 IP library, and full documentation. It is processed using the graphical tools in IP Integrator, part of the Xilinx Vivado tool suite.

Developers can integrate their IP address along with the factory-installed features, or replace the IP address with their own through the Navigator kit. The Navigator FDK Library is AXI-4 compliant and provides a well-defined interface for developing custom IP addresses or integrating IP addresses from other sources.

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