Pepperl + Fuchs Announces PXV 2D Absolute Positioning System

  Pepperl + Fuchs Announces PXV 2-D Absolute Positioning System

6. August 2018 – The PXV 2-D absolute positioning system from Pepperl + Fuchs keeps an adequate number of codes in view, also with regard to switches and code band changes

Six years of experience with the PCV system have helped to shape the development of the PXV. The reading window of the PXV was set to approx. 120 x 80 mm, ie the Data Matrix code band is always in the transmission range. The reading window has an extended depth-of-field range that allows you to capture even more codes at the same time and to ensure position recognition through multiple redundancy.

The PXV requires a 2D camera to eliminate irritation with regard to lane changes. To prevent this, the cameras in the two-camera systems in these areas can receive the corresponding different position signals.

In daily operation, some degree of contamination on the code tape is inevitable. For this reason, the codes for the PXV have been extended to 15x15mm without compromising resolution, and the "grainy" design ensures they are unaffected by contamination. Thanks to redundant detection, the system can not be disturbed by the destruction of individual codes. The code tape can be interrupted up to an extension of 80 mm without affecting the position detection.

The safePXV combines a 2-D reader with a tri-color data matrix code band. The special code band contains two overlapping Data Matrix codes in red and blue. The 2D reader is equipped with two different colored LED rings – also red and blue. These rings are activated separately and each read only one Data Matrix code. A SIL 3 / PL e absolute position is always delivered as a result.

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 Pepperl + Fuchs Announces PXV 2D Absolute Positioning System

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