Phoenix Contact announces VIP-ER with IOA system (input / output accessories)

  Phoenix Contact announces VIP-ER with IOA system

9. May 2018 – VIP-ER from Phoenix Contact with IOA system (Input / Output Accessories), optimized for Honeywell Experion Universal I / O was developed to help process engineers make the most of Universal I / O. The system combines maneuvering with the ability to configure the wiring function per channel.

The VIP-ER with IOAs consists of a base, several function-specific input / output modules and compatible accessories. The VIP ER base serves as a universal basis for connecting each signal and routing it back to the controller. The individual input / output accessories can accept a variety of signal types, including:

  • Passive Feedthrough
  • Fuse with BFI and Disconnector
  • Digital Relay
  • Analog Signal Disconnector with HART Transparency
  • 24 120- or 240V Digital Signals
  • Analog 2-, 3-, or 4-Wire Signals

While engineers are planning the total I / O count at the beginning of the process, they can assign specific EAAs during installation. In addition, higher field voltage signals can be marshaled and converted for use with the universal 24V I / O controller.

VIP-ER with IOAs is designed to meet the requirements of Honeywell Experion Universal I / O compatible with other third-party configurable I / O controllers

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