PI introduces linear stages L-417 and V-417

  PI introduces L-417 and V-417 linear stages

17. May 2018 – The L-417 and V-417 Linear Stage Family of PI (Physics Instruments) are available in ball screws and linear motor configurations. Applications for both include high dynamics, precision, smooth scan motion, short settling times, and low tracking errors such as laser cutting, scanning, digital printing, electronics assembly and inspection, AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), automation and flat panel fabrication

The L-417 Ball Screw Model provides 450 N load capacity on its 166 m wide frame with a stroke of up to 813 mm. In a synchronous servomotor, rotary and linear encoders are used and can be re-lubricated without disassembly. A side cover strip and the purge air connection prevent contamination of the working components by particles. An optional holding brake makes it possible to increase the usability as a Z-axis.

With the same load capacity, width and travel range, the V-417 is powered by an ironless linear motor and linear encoder. The 3-phase direct magnetic drive transmits a drive force of 87N directly and without friction to the motion platform. Like its ball screw, the V-417 has a side cover strip and the purge air connection prevents contamination of the working parts by particles.

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