Pixelink introduces a cylindrical M12B microscope camera

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  Pixelink Introduces Cylindrical M12B Microscopy Camera

28. June 2018 – Pixelink, a supplier of industrial cameras for the microscopy and image processing markets, announces the expansion of its 12 megapixel Sony IMX-based USB 3.0 microscope camera to 4K high-definition model

The M12B cylindrical microscopy camera is based on The Sony Pregius IMX304 CMOS sensor technology is a solution for customers who need high resolution and focusing with a larger sensor. The 12 MP camera is available in both color and monochrome and has a 1.1-inch lens format.

The M12B provides dark field imaging, differential interference contrast (DIC), polarized light, and basic fluorescence. The camera can also be purchased with Pixelink μScope software, which provides image capture and analysis, annotation, and measurement tools.

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