POSITAL Announces Multiturn Absolute Kit Encoder

  POSITAL Announces Multiturn Absolute Kit Encoder

12. July 2018 – Encoder Specialist POSITAL has added new models to its range of servo and stepper motor feedback encoder kits using the same mounting form factor as incremental kit encoders from US Digital, Broadcom and other manufacturers

With POSITAL Kit encoders, the control system always has complete information about the physical position of the mechanical components that controls it. With POSITAL Absolute Kit encoders, system designers no longer have to deal with the shortcomings of incremental feedback in an absolute position world.

POSITAL multiturn absolute kit encoders are based on magnetic sensor technology, which provides a very robust encoder solution. The multi-turn counting system is powered by Wiegand Wire Energy Harvesting technology, which allows the absolute encoder to maintain its absolute position during power-off conditions over encoder performance cycles and rotations. With 17 bits (131072 positions) of singleturn resolution and 16 bits (65536 revolutions) of the multiturn series, POSITAL absolute kit encoders are ideal for position control applications.

About FRABA and POSITAL [19659003] POSITAL is a provider of industrial position sensors for a variety of motion control and security systems. The company is also an innovator in product design and manufacturing processes and a forerunner of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), offering customers bespoke products.

 POSITAL Announces Multiturn Absolute Kit Encoder

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