POSITAL Announces Terminals for Magnetic IXARC Encoders

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  POSITAL Announces Terminals for Magnetic IXARC Encoders

29. May 2018 POSITAL absolute magnetic encoders IXARC with CANopen interface are now available with an optional "cap" that simplifies configuration and troubleshooting

For the previous generation of IXARC magnetic encoders With CANopen interfaces, device setup was done by updating the software parameters, which required specialized tools and expertise. The terminal cover contains three rotary switches that allow the installer to set the node ID and baud rate directly with a small screwdriver. The back panel also contains diagnostic LEDs that simplify setup and debugging by displaying device and network status. With eight screw terminals inside the cap, users can easily install cables for power and bus-in / bus-out. A slide switch can activate a terminator when the device is at the end of the network.

IXARC series magnetic encoders with CANopen interfaces are designed for motion control applications ranging from cranes and container connections to classic factory automation. The available IP 66/67 protection makes these devices suitable for environmental conditions. Single and multi-turn models are available. For multi-turn versions, the rotary counter is battery-powered, does not require backup batteries and has a measurement range of four billion revolutions (32 bits). A variety of cap options are available, including cable glands for different length cables and M12 connectors for use with pre-assembled cables. Connector caps with two or three connectors can be used to connect multiple devices in series (daisy chain) without T-coupler.

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