Postive Technologies Introduces PT ISIM FreeView Sensor-Free ICS Surveillance Solution

 Postive Technologies Introduces PT ISIM FreeView Sensor-Free ICS Surveillance Solution 

  Postive Technologies Releases PT ISIM FreeView Sensor-Free ICS Surveillance Solution

9. November 2018 - PT Industrial Security Incident Manager, the Positive Control Industrial Control Product (ICS) product line, now includes a streamlined version: PT ISIM freeView Sensor. This version is intended for basic ICS security monitoring and is free and easy to configure. No special technical knowledge is required. Downloading and getting started with PT ISIM freeView Sensor takes only a few minutes.

The PT ISIM freeView sensor, deployed as a virtual appliance, connects to the mirror / SPAN port of a router on the ICS network. The virtual appliance accesses a copy of the ICS traffic (supported protocols include CIP, IEC-104, MMS, Modbus-TCP, OPC-DA, Profinet-DCP, S7, Spabus, ARP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, ICMP, SNMP, SSH, Telnet and TFTP). Since PT ISIM freeView Sensor handles only one copy of the traffic, this has no effect on the performance or operation of ICS.

With the consistent use of PT ISIM freeView Sensor, companies can take back control of their ICS networks. Features include:

  • ICS Network Resource Inventory - Network Topology Visualization with Hosts, Connections, and Host Groups
  • ICS Data Stream Monitoring - Full Image of Normal Host Interactions with Learn Mode for Later Detection Abnormal Behavior and Flag Incidents
  • Attack Detection and Unauthorized System Administration

In addition to basic security tasks, PT ISIM freeView Sensor helps users gain experience to get the most out of the premium versions of PT Industrial Security Incident Manager. Premium versions provide full technical support, more supported protocols, and support for third-party integration (such as industry-specific systems). Other premium features include: Intelligent, location-based traffic analysis, network resource visualization at all times, site-specific detection scenarios, ICS SOC event information, and improved regulatory requirements.

Premium Versions of PT The Incident Manager for Industrial Security ships with PT ISTI (Industrial Security Threat Indicators). This combination can detect up to 80 percent of the most dangerous and critical threats to ICS networks, even without additional configuration. These threats include: Early-stage attacks and preparation for ICS software and hardware, improper configuration, abnormal parameter values, use of potentially unsafe network methods, and unauthorized ICS management commands. PT ISTI helps proactively identify vulnerabilities in the ICS network, including those exploited by ransomware and other malware.

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