Power Tool Systems’ new line is launched in southern Africa


Milwaukee electric hand tool manufacturer has launched the patented Red Link Plus Intelligence electronics system for handheld power tools.

“The Red Link Plus system introduces new electrical controls into all handheld power tools, starting with the battery packs used in conjunction with the tools,” says tool distributor Upat Milwaukee Product Specialist Werner Koch

The company uses two battery platforms – the M12 is a 12-volt battery pack and the M18, which is an 18-volt battery. The M12 battery packs are available in the battery packs 2 A / h, 3 A / h, 4 A / h and 6 A / h, while the M18 battery packs are available in 2 A / h, 4 A / h, 5 A / h. h and 9 A / h batteries.

“Each battery has a Red Link Plus computer board that monitors the battery cells for optimum temperature and load, which helps to improve the overall battery capacity and increase the life of the battery packs,” says Koch.

He also explains that these battery packs are called Lithium-Ion Red Batteries, a unique patented Milwaukee technology. The M12 battery platform can be used on more than 70 power tools, while the M18 battery platform is interchangeable with more than 120 different Milwaukee power tools.

Milwaukee has unlocked the digital construction site with the launch of ONE Key for Android, and iOS, which connects Bluetooth-enabled tools to any ONE Key-enabled smart device, says Koch. With this free-to-use app, tool owners can conveniently monitor, track and modify the behavior of tools through their smart device

He highlights that using the app tools within a 30m radius of a device with The App has been installed. Through the app it is possible to lock tools and prevent their use by unauthorized users.

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However, the key feature of ONE Key is the ability to manually program custom settings into the tool to make the most of the tool for the job. Torque, speed and power of a tool can be adjusted and stored in the tool memory.

Another advantage is the inventory management system, which allows multiple tools to be connected to an Android or iOS device using the ONE Key App. Koch says that it is possible with the app to track multiple tools simultaneously, without having to interact with each tool independently or, for example, to pass through a construction area.

“With the ONE Key app, accessories can be made three to four times longer, depending on where they are used,” he emphasizes.

The Milwaukee tool assortment is designed to allow water to drain away from key electrically conductive components essential to the continuation of a tool. Performance

Upat has invested in a traveling showcase trailer designed for events such as the MTE Shows or potential customers will be shown to demonstrate the capabilities of the Milwaukee tools. Koch concludes by showing how the tools work with the ONE Key App.

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