Premium lighting ensures energy efficiency and intelligent adaptation

The electrolysis and lighting specialist Magnet Group was commissioned to exclusively market and supervise the leading premium range of lighting solutions from Trilux in South Africa.

The Trilux range presents award-winning products for aesthetics, energy efficiency and indoor and outdoor safety. The offer includes interior lights, downlights and spotlights, light strips and diffusers as well as outdoor lights, spotlights and floodlights.

"With this product range, Magnet can enter high quality lighting applications where quality and simplicity are paramount and we are now able to meet the highest demands with a warranty of up to ten years at ambient temperatures over 60 "Magnet Energy Division Head Dean Lotter tells Engineering [19659005] News .

He adds that Magnet will focus on delivering the Trilux family of products for office, hospital, warehouse, factory, outdoor and parking applications

Intelligent lighting solutions are adaptable to not just providing appropriate lighting Areas of application – Trilux customized solutions enable Magne engineers to develop energy-efficient lighting concepts that meet their individual needs. For example, luminaires and accessories specifically designed for use in business premises provide adequate lighting for reception areas, offices, corridors, meeting rooms, toilets and parking lots.

Sustainable lighting solutions are adaptable to healthcare facilities where the right level of lighting is important Well-being for patients, while doctors and nurses can work efficiently. "Trilux demonstrates an exceptional range of circadian rhythm lights that have been scientifically proven to accelerate healing time," says Lotter.

Modern lighting is also critical in academic settings, contributing to improved teaching and learning conditions that improve outcomes

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"Energy-efficient lighting is becoming increasingly important in the industry as well View conditions and increase concentration, improve productivity and operational safety, and protect the environment through integration with control networks. "

To provide a comprehensive lighting solution, lighting control systems include intelligent light management, power management, color control, and manual controls.

Magnet offers an intelligent LiveLink light management system that uses state-of-the-art sensor technology for easy and reliable control of all points of light – even complex lighting systems. "LiveLink can be integrated to optimize energy savings and enable customized lighting, while planning, installation and modification are effortless."

This lighting control system guides planners and installers intuitively through preconfigured spaces with typical applications to deliver customized lighting effort. Commissioning and operation are via a graphical user interface on mobile iOS or Android devices.

Future Lighting
According to Lotter, lighting is evolving rapidly – from a simple stand-alone infrastructure to an integrated and intelligent technology. "Just as mobile phones are no longer just used to make phone calls, lights are no longer just sources of light and become much more interactive."

He's looking forward to the next decade, because lights can now be interactive and a host of data. Via the data link, retail lights can guide buyers to specific areas of a store, for example to find special offers or to complete a prepared shopping list, or outdoor lights can monitor human behavior or increase the level of light at the scene of the accident.

"Imagine entering your office building, and the front desk LED light communicates with your personal office lights to signal your arrival and automatically set your office lighting to your liking at a specific time of the day."

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With LED, lighting control and intelligence, the lighting industry is entering a new twilight and leaving behind conventional lighting, "concludes Lotter.

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