Program to prepare digital talents in SA industries

The Africa Industrial Internet Program (AIIP) is a series of training courses designed to equip junior and midlevel engineers and industry professionals with the skills needed to harness artificial intelligence, the industrial Internet of Things, and advanced analytics for their businesses African Leadership University AIIP Program Director Adam Collier .

The program, which is being offered in collaboration with the multinational energy ministry GE Africa and the South African analytics company Ixio Analytics, aims to provide new skills to professionals with extensive experience in their industries. Ability to leverage the vast amounts of data to improve business conditions.

The creation of digital champions, which act as catalysts for the use of information and communication technologies in their companies and in industry, results in data-driven decisions making greater benefits-making and monitoring and evaluation processes less retrospective, in more detail Real time and more effective, explains Collier.

"The program consists of three components: technical training to manage, manipulate, and gain insight into data, a leadership facet, and a hands-on experience where attendees solve problems for customers in a corporate industrial environment."

The program is aimed at working people and consists of seven modules consisting of online training and information sessions where students work in groups. The GE Innovation Center at Melrose Estate, Johannesburg, hosts regular personal lectures. The 49 students currently enrolled come from all over Europe, with a large contingent from South Africa.

"The lectures are part of the three pillars, initially focusing on data analysis that includes the requirements of Python and statistics, part of the analytics pillar is data management, manipulation and analysis, machine learning, and big data." [19659002] Afterwards, basic technical skills, including innovation and entrepreneurial skills, are developed to enable students to explore and recognize opportunities to be proactive in the workplace.

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The final pillar is the implementation of projects, but with a special focus on digital for the industry and on projects that are aligned with the industry.

"Here Students Will Build A project for an industrial customer that is challenging and will test its understanding of the work," says Collier.

He summarizes the program as "actionable learns". "We want students to go to work on Monday, take what they've learned, and apply it in their jobs – we need to educate enough professionals before we reach the turning point in everyday and routine data use in the industry."

Program runs for a year, prospective buyers can apply for various courses throughout the year, Collier concludes.

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