Proline Promag H 200 Electromagnetic flowmeter

The flowmeter for smallest flow rates with genuine loop-powered technology

Promag H is the preferred sensor for applications with highest requirements in the food and beverage and life science industries. Promag H 200 offers in addition genuine, industry-compliant two-wire technology. This enables the device to be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures and control systems. Additional advantages are high operational safety in hazardous areas thanks to an intrinsically safe design (Ex ia), and a familiar installation procedure.

Promag H 200, 5H2B02, DN02 1/12″
Promag H 200, 5H2B04, DN04 5/32″
Promag H 200, 5H2B08, DN08 5/16″
Promag H 200, 5H2B15, DN15 1/2″
Promag H 200, 5H2B22, 1″ ODT,SMS,ASME
Promag H 200, 5H2B26, DN25 DIN, JIS

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