Proline Promass P 100 Coriolis flowmeter

Promass P 100 offers the enhanced performance of a bent tube meter and the drainability of a straight tube meter without any compromise. Combined with the smallest transmitter housing available today it delivers full performance on the smallest footprint. Designed for applications in sterile environments where space is a premium, Promass P 100 will be the preferred choice for system integrators, skid builders and equipment manufacturers.

Promass P 100, 8P1B08, DN08 3/8″
Promass P 100, 8P1B15, DN15 1/2″
Promass P 100, 8P1B25, DN25 1″
Promass P 100, 8P1B40, DN40 1 1/2″
Promass P 100, 8P1B50, DN50 2″


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