Proline Prowirl O 200 Vortex flowmeter

Prowirl O is ideally suited for reliable process control in demanding gas and steam applications with high process pressure. Moreover, its design ensures maximum safety in main and ancillary processes. With genuine loop-powered technology, Prowirl O 200 enables cost-effective and seamless integration into existing infrastructures. It offers highest operational safety in hazardous areas. Heartbeat Technology ensures process safety at all times.

Prowirl O 200, 7O2C15, DN15 1/2″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C1F, DN150 6″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C1H, DN100 4″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C25, DN25 1″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C2F, DN250 10″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C2H, DN200 8″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C3H, DN300 12″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C40, DN40 1 1/2″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C50, DN50 2″
Prowirl O 200, 7O2C80, DN80 3″

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