PV monitoring solutions increase the use of solar energy

Leading solar monitoring, smart energy and feed-in management company Solar-Log from Germany presents its professional solution for qualified photovoltaics (PV) at Power & Electricity World Africa (PEWA) in March – System Monitoring and Energy Management 27 and 28, which will take place at the Sandton Convention Center in Gauteng.

The company, which has been represented at PEWA since 2014, will present its entire range of services, in particular the Solar-Log WEB-4U system, this year. The solar log system meets the needs of the power sector with a family of solar log gateway and hardware devices, its software tool WEB Eneres, and accessories such as gauges.

"Our management system has been specifically designed for installers, engineering, procurement and contractors (EPC) and project and service companies in residential, commercial and industrial sectors," Solar-Log Sales VP and Board Member Silvia Blumenschein Sorcerer tells Engineering News .

Solar-Log uses PEWA as a platform to inform potential customers why inverter-independent monitoring with numerous additional energy and feed-in management functions makes sense in order to properly protect a PV system.

Blumenschein contactor points out that the company will also be showcasing its products Solar-Log 50 Gateway Energy monitoring product that is an ideal tool for the home, and smaller existing facilities with inappropriate or no surveillance. The new gateway was launched for the German market, and the international launch will begin this month.

The Gateway allows quick and easy installation as it is small and compact for DIN-specified rails. It is also easy to manage and easy to implement. It is best suited for PV systems up to 15 kWp, and for operation with opening approval, the gateway can be used for applications up to 30 kWp.

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"This solution stands for best quality, low prices and fast data transfer to its Solar-Log WEB Eneres software portal, it is built as an inverter-independent and neutral monitoring platform and can be extended to act as a management system," explains Blumenschein. contactor.

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In addition, Solar-Log will also introduce its new local service partner company, Solar-Log will lead Southern Africa, at PEWA. From April, this will be the first and most important contact in South Africa for the distribution and technical support of Solar-Log services in Southern Africa.

She says that PEWA was the best place for Solar-Log South African market, while he informed about PV requirements in general and meets technical cooperation partners, which are mainly inverter companies. The Solar-Log system is compatible with more than 100 inverter brands, as well as other components such as meters, energy storage devices and charging stations for electric vehicles.

"The inverter is the heart of a PV system, and the company takes this into account even the brain of a PV system." With this approach, we use the PEWA event to hear what the market wants, "explains Blumenschein In particular, Solar-Log collaborates with more than 15 of the top 20 PV installers in southern Africa.

Blumenschein contactor says, The company not only provides PV monitoring but also qualified network regulation solutions, such as the Clearwater Mall rooftop installation in Roodepoort, Gauteng

"Our solutions make an important contribution to the successful integration of renewable energy into an intelligent power grid and help to facilitate the successful transition to clean energy. "

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Industry Insight

Blumenschein contactor zitie a report on South African consumer trends published late last year. High electricity prices weigh on household budgets and stimulate the growing demand for renewable energy sources such as s olar energy.

"The report added that there is a clear trend in which households and companies that could afford renewable energy opt for PV modules on the roof and deduct the revenues of the state utility Eskom from customers with deep pockets." he recalls Blumenschein contactor

From 2011 to 2016, consumer spending per household rose by 4.6% in real terms, reaching an average of R1 905 per month in 2016. In a 2017 report on Property24, real estate broker Rawson Property Group MD Tony Clarke said that green design, like a buzzword, had lost some of its luster, but the greener concepts behind it would be apparent in residential property later this year.

"Solar geysers and solar PV systems are gaining popularity in South Africa and solar PV technology is likely to become even more important in residential areas as energy storage solutions progress," concludes Blumenschein-Schütz.

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