Real Time Automation introduces 460ETCWI-N2E web interface

  Real Time Automation Introduces Web Interface 460ETCWI-N2E

2. August 2018 – Developers and developers can access data from Allen Bradley controllers including ControlLogix through a web interface. Real Time Automation's 460ETCWI-N2E interface uses Industry 4.0 to aggregate and analyze SPS data from any Web client.

The 460ETCWI-N2E helps users monitor ControlLogix PLC data from Excel or pull table values ​​into any industry-standard Web client Application

The 460ETCWI-N2E is configured through browser-based configuration pages. Users identify the address of the ControlLogix PLC to access and the data tags that must be read. Developers and developers can then monitor these tags in Excel or issue standard HTTP GET statements to move that data into the application.

Requests either a JSON or XML data string with tags for the configured data table entries in the GET. In XML, an example would be 523 . In JSON, an example would be "Speed105": 523 for the same data table entry. The JSON or XML tags can be accessed from any web application tool, including Python, PSP, and other similar tools.

 Real Time Automation introduces 460ETCWI-N2E web interface

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