Rising energy costs call for drive systems

The ever increasing energy costs and pollution associated with power systems are driving demand for low harmonic and power regeneration AC drive systems, such as the Midrand VSD and automation equipment vendor Varispeed GM Ralph Real .

"Customers are increasingly demanding highly efficient AC drive systems with less overall footprint, increased reliability, and the ability to recover energy from regenerative loads with very little overall harmonic distortion."

These, real notes, are some of the main reasons for the Development of the U1000 matrix converter AC driver by the VSD manufacturer Yaskawa.

The Matrix Drive U1000 – which was launched locally by Varispeed in 2016, was developed by Yaskawa in Japan and followed the success of Yaskawa's medium voltage matrix drive, which is commerci

Real adds that The U1000 matrix drive is more efficient than traditional VSDs because it does not require additional filtering to achieve low harmonics – with total harmonic distortion less than 5% – and full four-quadrant VSD in a compact package

Installation time is lower compared to traditional VSD regenerative solutions and requires up to 50% less space due to the fully integrated design,

However, he adds that retrofitting the U1000 matrix drive is also easy compared to traditional regenerative VSDs.

"This is due to the complete all-in-one chassis assembly package of the U1000 matrix drive, whereas conventional regenerative systems require harmonic attenuation filters in addition to the AC drive to achieve a total current harmonic distortion rate of less than 5%."

The U1000 matrix d In addition, Rive has an integrated bypass function so that the motor switches the motor directly to the mains at line frequency and mains voltage.

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"Yaskawa has always been a pioneer in motion propulsion technology by introducing true product innovations that optimize the efficiency and productivity of machinery and equipment." Real enthuses.

He adds that the potential applications for this drive technology continue to increase with the increasing popularity of motors, drives and mechanical drive technology with the Yaskawa U1000 matrix drive

"Worldwide demand is increasing from typical applications such as cranes, hoists Elevators, Conveyors and Winders There are other innovative uses of the Yaskawa U1000 on systems with less obvious regenerative energy potential, "he says.

Real simply explains whether the system can recover regenerative energy from a load and send that energy back to the supply, then other loads on the supply can consume that "extra" energy.

This, in turn, reduces the energy consumed by the mainstream power supply, ultimately leading to financial savings for the end user, he adds.

"There is also the added benefit of reducing the end-user's carbon footprint due to lower usage energy, and the greatest benefit is achieved in carriers with high inertia or loads with long-term energy return or fast braking."

He continues the example of a pumping system in which the reverse gravity injection of a water column can be generated by a pump energy that is used elsewhere in a system.

"We are very pleased to see the results, as the potential for this type of application is considerable."

Real explains, however, that while demand for higher efficiency motors and drives is increasing, the same high efficiency requirements are also finding application in AC drive systems.

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"As well as requiring high efficiency, end users are now better able to take advantage of high-efficiency, low-impedance AC drives on their electrical systems."

aware of the potential risks involved – B. loose connections or component failures – systems with additional input filtering required to meet the specifications and the additional cost of larger panels and greater cooling requirements of traditional front-end active regenerative systems. As a result, the Yaskawa U1000 matrix drive has become more and more global in a number of applications.

"We are very pleased with this direct current conversion matrix technology offered in the Yaskawa U1000 matrix drive, all the value it offers to end-users, which is truly a revolutionary solution and we believe it will be the future of VSD. Will be technology for many years, "concludes Real.

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