Rockwell Automation Announces OPC UA Support Through FactoryTalk Linx Communications Software

  Rockwell Automation Announces OPC UA Support via FactoryTalk Linx Communication Software

24. May 2018 – Enterprises can now leverage the OPC UA standard in Rockwell Automation products to achieve interoperability between their industrial IoT devices. Support for the vendor-neutral standard is provided by the FactoryTalk Linx communications software, which enables Rockwell Automation and third-party products to share data.

FactoryTalk Linx software, formerly RSLinx Enterprise, is the central communications service in the FactoryTalk software portfolio. It acts as the "heart" of a Connected Enterprise, pulling and sending data wherever it is needed. This now includes extracting data from third-party OPC UA servers, providing data to the FactoryTalk software, and providing an OPC interface to allow third-party software to access data.

In addition to OPC UA support, FactoryTalk Linx software provides additional features. including:

The software can communicate with attributes of the new Logix 5000 tag-based alarm. This allows the FactoryTalk View SE HMI software to animate screens with alarm conditions and perform alarm interactions directly from graphical content. Removing duplicate alarm conditions in HMI tags can increase development productivity. Interacting with graphical content rather than alarm summaries can improve operational productivity.

The software can support two network paths to a single controller or two controllers in a ControlLogix family-based redundancy system. This allows for fast fault detection and can automatically switch communication to a secondary path. In addition, it can maintain information flow and reduce recovery times in high-availability systems.

FactoryTalk Linx Gateway software provides insight into CIP energy data from EtherNet / IP devices with integrated CIP energy support. This allows users to track energy usage and compare utilization across lines and factories.

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FactoryTalk Linx software, along with RSLinx Classic, is available in the latest version of the integrated Studio 5000 development environment. The software now allows users to configure Ethernet driver settings directly in a Studio 5000 browser rather than in a separate application for faster system changes.

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