Rockwell Automation announces Predictive Maintenance as a Service

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  Rockwell Automation Announces Predictive Maintenance as a Service Offering

31. May 2018 – Rockwell Automation has announced to offer Predictive Maintenance as a Service to identify and prevent critical equipment downtime, applied to critical customer identified assets, analyzing data from connected technologies such as sensors, control systems and intelligent machines. Using FactoryTalk Analytics and the use of machine learning technology, Rockwell Automation engineers can identify normal operations and create data models to predict, monitor, and mitigate future outages or issues as part of a preventive maintenance strategy.

Before Providing a Prediction System Servicing a Rockwell Automation customer in the oil and gas sector resulted in a bearing failure that cost $ 3 million in maintenance and lost productivity. After reviewing historical data on the failed good for more than a year in collaboration with Rockwell Automation, engineers found that the storage cooling system was malfunctioning for six months. If a predictive maintenance service had been used, the organization would have been able to identify the bearing failure and its cause before the failure occurred.

This new service will be useful in industries such as oil and gas assets drives the bottom line. This includes critical machines in continuous production operation. In addition, OEMs can implement the service on an asset and use the predictive feature to achieve better availability performance that scales to all similar customer resources.

Using this service, customers can monitor forecasts and analyze details of a warning. They must create their own data models or develop their own solution. Rockwell Automation provides data collection, machine learning, and technical support to create the models, validate and monitor patterns and predictions, and keep those models up-to-date as records arise.

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Rockwell Automation. is dedicated to industrial automation and information, making its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rockwell Automation employs approximately 22,000 people in more than 80 countries.

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