Rockwell Automation announces the application Studio 5000 Application Code Manager

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  Rockwell Automation Announces Studio 5000 Application Code Manager Application

28. June 2018 – Rockwell Automation has released new application content to help OEMs and process skid manufacturers. The latest content includes device objects and two machine manufacturer code libraries, one for Conversion, Printing and Weaving Machines (CPW) and one for process skids. This release complements the content already available for packaging applications.

Mechanical engineering libraries provide standardized, application-specific code that can help engineers design CPW machines and process skids. The libraries also contain application-specific functions. For example, the Process Skid library includes a state machine engine that allows developers to develop custom behaviors that match the properties of their specific skids.

The device objects are code and visualization objects that provide a common interface for connecting a particular device to other library objects in a machine. Engineers can add the object to a new device type instead of rewriting the entire design cycle of the machine to account for the change. The first set of device objects is intended for starter, drive and motion devices. They also provide faceplates for the Allen-Bradley PanelView 5000 operator interfaces.

The new application content is available as a free download from Rockwell Automation's Product Compatibility Download Center (PCDC). After downloading, users import the content into the Studio 5000 Application Code Manager application.

The Studio 5000 Application Code Manager application provides engineers with a single place to access content, build their applications, and even test applications before building a chassis. Developers can also create and manage their own library objects in the Application Code Manager for reuse in other projects.

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