Rototherm HNL Series 300 Pressure Switches

Rototherm HNL Series 300 Pressure Switches MODEL 344.PZ.4131.33.1101 Compact design (70 mm) suited for limited space.

Proven performance – long established reputation – providing good value without compromising accuracy and reliability.

Rototherm HNL Pressure Switches Series 300 MODEL 344.PZ.4131.33.1101

HNL Series 300 Pressure Switches Features

  • Designed to provide electrical output switching for nonhazardous area applications
  • Ranges from -1 to +600 Bar
  • High overload ratings
  • Wide range of output switches
  • Wide range of diaphragm materials
  • Simple maintenance and field adjustable
  • IP66 ingress protection


HNL Series 300 Pressure Switches specification

Product 300 : 300 Series Switches

Set point Range 344PZ : -0.6 to 0.6 bar

Proof Pressure 30 Bar

Certification 4:Exd IIB+H2 T4/T5/T6 (Flameproof)

Housing Material 1 : Aluminum housing with epoxy

hardened stoved enamel finish

Vent Ring 3 : No vent ring

Housing Connection E1 : M20 x 1.5 top cable entry

Output Option 33 : SPDT microswitch with silver

contacts. Max Ratings 250Vac 4A, 28Vdc 2A.

Fixed Reset Differential.

Diaphragm Material 1 : Nitrile

Chamber Material 1 : Anodised Aluminium

Connection 01 : Rc 1/4″ (1/4 BSP.T INT.)

Source: Rototherm Group

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