SAS to work to bring nano-satellite communications to the Caribbean

  SAS wants to bring nano-satellite communications to the Caribbean

23. July 2018 – Sky and Space Global Ltd. reinforces its efforts to bring nanosatellite-based communication to the Caribbean. To target the Caribbean, SAS is engaged in discussions with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) about the use of its nanosatellite technology following a demonstration of the company's 3 Diamonds telecommunications network. The demonstration of the capabilities of the narrowband network on 12 July took place at the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Conference in Georgetown, Guyana.

Narrowband services for nano-satellites in the Caribbean will be provided by the Pearls constellation of SAS starting in 2019. This will support the SAS business model of providing connectivity to near-shore locations such as the Caribbean, where these services are needed.

In 2017, SAS introduced its "3 Diamonds" nanosatellites as a proof of concept. The timeline envisages starting a constellation of 200 nanosatellites starting next year, which will be operational by 2020.

SAS also works with officials in various other countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to facilitate affordable communications Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Guyana, where the demonstration took place, is typical of the overall SAS focus on more than 2 billion people worldwide who live on the equatorial belt in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The proliferation of cells is rapidly increasing in these regions, but lack of infrastructure severely limits the services available to the local population.

The commercial talks with the CTU focus on offering a whole range of connectivity services in the Caribbean lacking the necessary infrastructure. The Intergovernmental Contracting Organization is responsible for supporting the development of the ICT sector in the Caribbean and has assessed the suitability, applicability and possible use of the SAS narrowband platform throughout the region. At the conference, SAS met with key representatives and ministers to discuss possible services of the company's planned network. The start of these talks will enable the company to move forward on the Caribbean front.

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Some of the motives behind the aspirations of Caribbean countries for affordable communications services such as nano-satellite communications relate to the use of ICT in agriculture (E-Agriculture) in a manner that is consistent with the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals such as economic development, social inclusion and environmental protection.

 SAS to work to bring nano-satellite communications to the Caribbean

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