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Along with prevention and proactive cyber protection measures, backup is becoming an increasingly important layer to protect critical infrastructure systems from the risks of cyber attacks and subsequent disruptions, says Veeam Middle East and Africa, VP V [Vereinigte Staaten] Gregg Petersen [19459004

Cyber-attack is one of the biggest threats faced by local organizations in 2018, and so is the critical infrastructure known as a national key point in South Africa. However, not only physically, but also in the face of growing cyberattacks, critical infrastructure organizations need to be better prepared for the inevitability of such attacks he.

"The draft South African Critical Infrastructure Protection Act – the successor to the National Key Points Act of 1980 – focuses on improving security measures in critical infrastructure organizations, preserving the WEL, and providing essential services" , he says.

The goal is to make the critical infrastructure more resistant to major disruptions caused by power outages, hardware failures, and environmental issues, and to protect it from targeted attacks.

"Security systems in the industry are designed to protect physical assets and entry points, but as more critical public services are supported by data networks and cloud-hosted assets, strengthening cybersecurity is increasingly worthy of attention."

Vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure are in part because many of the major computer systems running critical infrastructure are legacy systems that are not suitable for today's protection against hackers, he explains.

"As a community, we still do not understand the root causes of infrastructure violations." A 2015 black hat investigation found that hackers had invaded the infrastructure system for at least ten years, with little knowledge of how they did it As a result, backup becomes more important, "says Petersen.

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An attack could weaken essential services essential to the proper functioning of the economy and society, including electricity grids, water supply, transport networks, public health, financial and security services, gas, agriculture and telecommunications

A backup system alone is sufficient but not out. It is critical that critical infrastructure providers include orchestration and automation as core components of their networks if they are to achieve recovery goals and ensure minimal disruption to the availability of business processes or the public good.


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