Sequent Microsystems announces the MegaIO-IND industrial automation card for Raspberry Pi

  Sequent Microsystems Announces Industrial Automation Card MegaIO-IND for Raspberry Pi

25. July 2018 – Sequent Microsystems, a technology startup based in Cupertino, California, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new industrial expansion card for the Raspberry Pi platform. The card is equipped with inputs, outputs and relays and designed for the industrial automation market. According to the KS-side, the card tries to integrate as many Industrial Automation functions as possible in the format of the Raspberry Pi.

The shipping of these tickets is expected in January 2019.

The MegaIO IND card features optically isolated 4-20mA inputs and outputs, 0-10V inputs and outputs, optically isolated digital inputs and open drain outputs, optically and galvanically isolated 10A / 250V relays with status LEDs, standard Communication ports, configurable interrupts and a real-time clock with battery backup.

The MegaIO-IND can be ordered with screw-type terminal blocks as shown in the figure below, or upgraded to plug-in connectors for a small additional charge. Pluggable connectors provide a way to remove the cards after installation on site for repairs or upgrades.

The Kickstarter campaign also offers some low-cost MegaIO-IND and Raspberry Pi accessories that can be added to any promise:

  • Raspberry Pi 8 Relay Card ($ 20) – Add 8 Additional Relays
  • Raspberry Pi DIN Rail Kit ($ 7) – Install Raspberry Pi on a DIN Rail
  • Raspberry Pi Breakout Card ($ 9) – Provide Screw Terminals for all GPIO Pins
  • IO Terminal Block Upgrade ($ 15 ) – Upgrade from IO screw terminals to pluggable
  • Relay terminal block upgrade ($ 5) – Upgrade relay screw terminals to pluggable

Key specifications of the Raspberry Pi Mega-IO expansion card:

  • Four optically isolated 4- 20 mA inputs
  • Four 4-20 mA outputs
  • Four 0-10V inputs
  • Four 0-10V outputs
  • Four optically isolated digital inputs
  • Four Optically isolated open-drain outputs
  • Four optically isolated 10A / 2 50V rel ais
  • Four relay LEDs
  • Four universal LEDs
  • RS485, CAN, 1-wire communication
  • Real-time clock with battery backup
  • Configurable interrupts
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The MegaIO-IND can be stacked at four Cards up. Command-line, Python, and CODESYS drivers can be downloaded from GitHub. Programming examples are made available for all environments.

The specifications have better linearity of 0.2% on all current channels and better than 0.15% on voltage channels.

 Sequent Microsystems announces the MegaIO-IND industrial automation card for Raspberry Pi

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