Siemens and Evonik announce technology partnership

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  Siemens and Evonik announce technology partnership

19. June 2018 – Siemens and Evonik enter into a technology partnership. The goal is the development of an asset life cycle data model and its integration into the Siemens software solution Comos. The asset life cycle data model was developed by Evonik on the basis of the international DEXPI standard ISO 15956 and other internationally valid standards. The goal is to map all elements and structures relevant to the chemical industry in a single integrated data model over the entire lifecycle – from product development through plant design and operation to final decommissioning. Siemens and Evonik are developing an application that provides software support for the entire engineering and operational process. The result of this collaborative process will become an integral part of the Comos software portfolio.

The application developed jointly by Siemens and Evonik will be based on the Comos engineering platform and will use the entire Evonik data model, including all functions and the corresponding data volume. This also includes interfaces for entering data from upstream process simulations or other process development steps, so that Comos, as an engineering platform, offers all possibilities to map the consistency, flexibility and functionality required for the data model. Consistency is ensured in Comos by the object orientation of the software, where an object is defined as any graphical or data-related description of a plant component. All related data sheets, lists or other documents are directly linked to the relevant object.

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