Siemens and Northvolt announce partnership to develop green lithium-ion batteries

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  Siemens and Northvolt announce partnership to develop green lithium-ion batteries

25. May 2018 – Siemens and Northvolt announce partnership to develop green lithium ion battery technology. The partnership, supported by Siemens with an investment of EUR 10 million, also includes the supply of lithium-ion batteries

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change, Europe is accelerating the transition to renewable energy. Electrification and the increased use of batteries is one of the cornerstones of this transition, enabling a large-scale shift to sustainable transport and deep integration of renewable energy into the energy mix. With limited amperage and planned capacity, Europe faces a major battery deficit over the next few years.

After completion in 2020, Siemens plans to purchase batteries from the factory and make Northvolt a preferred supplier. Siemens will support the partnership with an investment of 10 million euros.

Siemens sees the Northvolt initiative as a reference project for battery production of the future, which focuses on integrating and digitizing the entire value chain: from battery cell design through production planning, engineering and production to services

The technology partnership consists of two main areas Cooperation:

• Technology. Utilizing Siemens' Digital Enterprise portfolio, which ranges from software design and engineering to industrial communications and cloud solutions, enables Northvolt to optimize its battery production

• Lithium-ion delivery batteries. Siemens intends to purchase Northvolt batteries as soon as the large-scale production plant is up and running. Companies are also exploring potential areas for joint development programs.

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