Siemens announces Scalance SC-600 Industrial Security Appliance with Bridge Firewall

 Siemens announces Scalance SC-600 Industrial Security Appliance with Bridge Firewall 

  Siemens Announces Scalance SC-600 Industrial Security Appliance with Bridge Firewall

16. November 2018 - Siemens has added Scalance SC-600 Industrial Security Appliance capabilities to protect production networks. The devices now have a bridge firewall, support redundant network structures, and enable custom firewalls.

The Bridge Firewall allows the use of devices in flat networks. In addition, Layer 3 and Layer 2 data can now be filtered. For example, users can safely access automation components in Profinet cells for maintenance purposes. Industrial Security Appliances can be used with both the Service Bridge (a suitably configured Industrial Ethernet Switch from the Scalance XC-200 product line) and other applications.

The devices can also be integrated into redundant network infrastructures. Support for two layer 2 and layer 3 redundancy protocols eliminates the need for additional switches for the security gateways. With the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), the SC-600 can be integrated into Profinet ring redundancy as Profinet devices at the Layer 2 level without the need for an additional Managed Industrial Ethernet switch. In the case of a ring break, all network components in the ring change to the redundant path within 200 ms, thus avoiding a production failure in the event of an error. In addition, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) support provides redundancy on layer 3. This allows users to group the Scalance SC-600 with other routers on the network in a logical group. If the master defined as master fails, another router in the logical group assumes the function of the standard router.

The third innovation is the support of user-specific firewalls. Specific firewall rules not only allow device-specific, but also user-specific filtering of the data. This allows users to assign different rights.

Support for all device versions in the Sinec NMS network management software enables complete, unified configuration of all Scalance network components on one management platform. For example, using the digital input along with the signaling contact allows you to enable and disable the VPN tunnel through the remote network management platform, Sinema Remote Connect.

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