Siemens introduces the communication modules Simatic RF185C, RF186C and RF188C

 Siemens introduces the communication modules Simatic RF185C, RF186C and RF188C 

  Siemens launches Simatic RF185C, RF186C and RF188C communication modules

20. November 2018 - Siemens expands its portfolio of Simatic Ident communication modules. The first devices of the series are Simatic RF185C, RF186C and RF188C. With the options available, one, two or four readers can be connected and operated via Ethernet / Profinet to ensure compatibility with the required number of readers. Web-based management and engineering in the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portal enable secure access to configuration, commissioning and diagnostic tools at all times. The diagnostics function during operation and the diagnostics history available in the log book also increase the plant availability. The new devices support OPC UA as an IoT interface (Internet of Things) and communicate via the OPC UA AutoID Companion Specification V1.0 data model. This enables manufacturer-independent communication within the automation and a standardized connection to cloud applications via an industrial IoT gateway.

The devices of the Simatic RF18xC series are suitable for use in all areas of automation. Their design and protection class IP67 allows them to be used in harsh industrial environments and in confined spaces.

The communication modules are compatible in terms of functionality and programming with the predecessor model Simatic RF180C, so that no adjustments are required existing application software. The application can be executed at the field level with a controller, at the IT level or directly on the PC. With two ports each for Ethernet and power, the devices support both star and line topologies as well as ring topologies. In line topologies, the standardized L-coded M12 power connectors provide a high power transfer current of up to 16 amps.

The connection to cloud applications such as the open cloud-based Mindo IoT operating system takes place via an industrial IoT gateway such as the Ruggedcom RX1400 with CloudConnect. Simatic RF185C, RF186C and RF188C enable cloud communication while operating with the controller. This makes the communication modules suitable for use in RFID-based digitization solutions in industrial automation and paves the way for connecting high-frequency RFID systems such as Simatic RF200 and RF300 to the cloud. The analysis of data transmitted to the cloud provides important information about KPIs such as asset availability and asset utilization.

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