Siemens launches the air-cooled Simotics HV C product line

 Siemens launches the air-cooled Simotics HV C product line 

  Siemens introduces air-cooled Simotics HV C series

2. November 2018 - The Simotics HV C air-cooled range from Siemens completes the Simotics HV C platform for high-voltage motors with up to 3.2 megawatts (MW). The cooling concept with a combination of finned cooling and pipe cooling ensures the temperature distribution in the engine. The motors have a closed internal circulation (IC 411) and are suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (safe areas) and areas where no explosions can occur (explosion protection zone 2) and in ignition protection types Ex ec and Ex tc. The Simotics Connect 600 junction box allows the motors to be connected to the Sidrive IQ digital platform, providing access to cloud-based state data analysis, which can optimize the drive system. The motors are used in pumps, fans, compressors, extruders, mills, stirrers, mixers, conveyors and rollers in industries as diverse as energy, chemicals, cement, paper and pulp, and mining.

The power density is based on the new cooling concept: pipe cooling elements were integrated by Siemens into the ribbed housing of the motor. The motor design allows customization to the customer interfaces on a project basis, for example, the leads may be located at many different positions. Extended maintenance intervals and service times increase the availability of the drive system. The air-cooled Simotics HV C motors from Siemens extend the spectrum beyond the existing pressure-tight and water jacket-cooled versions.

Simotics HV C motors are an integral part of Sidrive IQ, a digital platform for optimizing drive systems. The Simotics HV C engines have an optional connectivity module for integration into the digital, cloud-based solution. Temperature and vibration sensors are used to capture and process data such as bearing temperatures, winding temperatures, and case vibrations, and transmit this information to the cloud for analysis. The Simotics Connect 600 connectivity module used on the Simotics HV C is specially tailored to the requirements of Sidrive IQ. Sidrive IQ uses the obtained data to monitor, analyze and optimize the Simotics HV C motor drive:

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