Siemens recognizes the INDEX group for simulation software

  Siemens Accepts INDEX Group for Simulation Software

21. May 2018 -. Siemens AG awarded the Esslingen-based lathe manufacturer INDEX. On Thursday, April 26, 2018, Jürgen Köhler, Division Manager of the Digital Factory Germany, visited the INDEX Open House with a delegation presenting the Siemens Award in the form of a glass cube with the hologram of a "Virtual Machine" [19659003] Dirk Prust, Technical Managing Director, and Eberhard Beck, Head of Control Technology, received the award on behalf of all employees involved in the INDEX Virtual Machine. The Paul Bippus GmbH & Co KG, specialized in turning parts production and buyer of the 1000th license, was also present at the award ceremony. Martin Melzer, production manager at Bippus, also received a glass cube.

The INDEX virtual machine is a digital 1: 1 copy of a real machine. Proven for years, this Industry 4.0 potential offers productivity potential. With Virtual Machine, the user can virtually plan and test virtual virtual real – time start – ups and machining processes in real – time in real time and with 100% transferability to the real machine

 Siemens recognizes the INDEX group for simulation software

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