SNC Manufacturing introduces an 18-pulse autotransformer and a Generation II industrial transformer

  SNC Manufacturing Introduces 18-Pulse Autotransformer and Gen II Industrial Control Transformer

26. July 2018 – SNC Manufacturing, an international manufacturer of transformers, supply and communications products, introduces an 18-pulse autotransformer generation of its industrial control transformer. Both products will be released on September 1st.

SNC developed the 18-pulse autotransformer based on the demand from OEMs. This high-performance, multi-phase transformer, available in 50 to 500 power levels, is designed to reduce harmonic distortion for frequency converter applications.

The transformer, a 3-phase, 480-volt primary and 427-volt secondary, 60-Hz device, is ETL UL 1561 certified. Properties include copper turns; 180 degrees Celsius or better insulation; and thermal switches, which are normally closed as an extra safety measure, if required. This unit provides copper busbar terminations of various sizes to meet application requirements. It is available with or without housing.

The Gen II Industrial Control Transformer, which complies with National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) ST-1 turn-on voltage (VA) requirements, provides a fully enclosed coil and finger-tight terminals. The units feature coil winding designs with full-current copper windings, integrally mounted terminal blocks with isolation barriers to prevent arcing and heavy steel mounting plates with flexible mounting positions.

With units ranging from 50VA to 5,000VA, the Gen II industrial variable transformers are used in a variety of applications where space is very important, including medical devices, battery chargers for electric vehicles and HVAC systems

Available in a complete Range of input and output voltages (600V class and below) units are UL, cUL and CSA listed with CE approval available. Based on the application requirements, the customer can choose from three VA-adjustable temperature classes and isolation systems:

  • 50VA to 100VA, 55 degree Celsius temperature increase, 130 degree Celsius isolation system
  • 150VA to 750VA, 80 degree Celsius temperature rise, 130- Degree Celsius Isolation System
  • 1,000VA to 5,000VA, 115 degree Celsius temperature increase, 180 degree Celsius insulation system
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 SNC Manufacturing introduces an 18-pulse autotransformer and a Generation II industrial transformer

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