Sprint Announces Launch of Sprint IoT Factory Online Marketplace

  Sprint Announces Launch of Sprint IoT Factory's Online Marketplace

21. May 2018 – Sprint announced the launch of the Sprint IoT Factory, an online marketplace that presents companies with a complete set of solutions that use the IoT (Internet of Things) to help them do smarter business. With more than 550,000 developers driving innovation on the platform, companies have access to technology to connect and automate the key features for their operations.

When visiting the digital store, users will find a range of options – from refrigerated temperature monitoring for grocery stores / convenience stores, to energy management tools. Developers are encouraged to develop their own solutions.

The Sprint IoT Factory is strengthened by a strategic partnership with myDevices and the Goldie Group. MyDevices is an IoT solutions company offering an IoT-in-a-Box solution. The Goldie Group, a technology service provider for telecommunications technology, serves as a fulfillment arm and provides scalability for IoT.

Sprint, myDevices, and The Goldie Group will not only serve end-users directly through the Sprint IoT Factory, but also channel partners, wholesalers, systems integrators, and others to buy reseller solutions.

 Sprint Announces Launch of Sprint IoT Factory Online Marketplace

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