Sterling Systems & Controls Announces Dust Collection System for Bulk Solids Collection Systems

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  Sterling Systems & Controls Announces Dust Collection System for Bulk Dumping Systems

3. July 2018 – Sterling Systems & Controls announced that the system is available to unload bulk containers with an integrated dust bin. The integrated dust protection system allows the operator to access the bag spout to connect a full bag or to separate an empty bag in a dust bag box. The operator's access to a positive shut-off valve to turn power off the bag when needed is provided in the dust-proof box. This valve (iris valve) allows the operator to connect a full bag and loosen its spout without any immediate flow of material from the bulk bag.

As soon as the operator is ready and a new bag is connected, the operator slowly opens the valve manually until it is fully opened. The same process is reversed when the bag is empty. Dust may be present if the bag is "empty" if the operator does not consider the residual material remaining empty. If the spout is left open, dust may easily escape during removal or compression for disposal or recycling.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has more than 40 years of experience providing efficient solutions for process equipment, micro, small and small lot sizes, bulk weighing, bag emptying and plant automation. Sterling designs use the latest technology to provide specialized data management, raw material management and production data tracking.

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