The Paxiom Group introduces the automatic Trayformers series PopLok VS

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  Paxiom Group Introduces Automatic Trayformer Series PopLok VS

7. June 2018 – The Paxiom Group has expanded its range of tray formers for small businesses. The PopLok VS series is an automatic tray-forming solution for erecting self-locking corrugated and cardboard trays with or without lid.

The PopLok VS differs from its standard PopLok predecessor in that it has the key features of the PopLok VS ability to handle a smaller selection of tray sizes and their design. Since no mandrel or tool is needed, the PopLok VS series also allows a change between the shell blank sizes.

The PopLok VS-Series is capable of forming 1-tuck and 2-tuck shells at speeds of up to 600 shells

While the PopLok VS Series offers speed in shell-forming on-demand The tray erector is also designed to save space and minimize the risk of contamination from long-term storage of erected trays in production facilities.

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