Thomson Industries Releases Thomson MLA Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

  Thomson Industries Launches Thomson MLA Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

7. August 2018 – Thomson Industries, a manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has expanded its range of stepper motor linear actuators to include models with built-in anti-rotation guidance

The load of a typical stepper motor linear actuator is attached to a nut that moves back and forth when the screw turns. Transferring the rotational motion of the motorized lead screw into the axial motion required to move the load back and forth requires retaining the nut.

The Thomson MLA design eliminates the need for an external guide by surrounding the shaft with an aluminum sheath tube with molded internal splines that snap onto the nut to prevent it from rotating. This design also has a built-in bush that can withstand low radial and torque loads.

The Thomson MLA is ideal for applications that require short strokes and must be precisely repeated. Examples include adjusting a microscope stage, tilting a computer monitor, or vertically positioning a pipette on a test tube assembly. Ideal applications have stroke lengths shorter than 2.5 inches; Have loads of less than 200 lbf at different engine sizes; and require speeds below 20 inches / s.

Thomson MLA stepper motor linear drives are now available for NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17 and 23 motor frame sizes; in single or double stacks; with many motor winding options. The linear resolution options range from 0.063 to 7.5 μ in linear motion per step.

 Thomson Industries Releases Thomson MLA Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

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