TM Robotics publishes a whitepaper that deals with the politics of automation

  TM Robotics publishes White Paper on the Policy of Automation

9. May 2018 – Toshiba's machine partner and robot distributor TM Robotics has released a white paper examining the policy challenges of today's manufacturing industry. Topics such as the threat of robots from jobs, robotic control and investments in Industry 4.0 are discussed. From the perspective of the robot manufacturer, the company discusses the automation policy.

Discussions and debates about robotics, automation and industry are no longer confined to factory walls. In January 2018, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published its first " Readiness for the Future of Production Report " It outlines how well-positioned economies can benefit from Industry 4.0. However, much of the news generated since the release focused on job losses caused by automation rather than their potential.

In the white paper, TM Robotics examines some of the industry and government initiatives that have been set up to dispel this common misconception. These include Britain's Made Smarter report, which estimates that more widespread adoption of industrial technologies could create 175,000 new jobs over the next decade, thanks to a 25 percent increase in productivity in the sector.

Robot Control is Also Discussed by TM Robotics that introducing taxes on automation and robotics could slow down the machinery industry and lead to a productivity disaster.

The white paper also provides advice for manufacturers who want to invest in automation and robotics. According to TM Robotics' Global Robotics Report, 55 percent of distributors said the onset of the so-called fourth industrial revolution had an impact on how customers choose industrial robots. The whitepaper provides practical advice on how to invest intelligently in automation.

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TM Robotics is a partner of Toshiba Machine and distributor of industrial automation, robots and other automated equipment. To download the "Policy on Automation" whitepaper, please visit the TM Robotics website.

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