Tobii Pro Announces Tobii Pro VR Analysis Tool

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  Tobii Pro Announces Tobii Pro VR Analysis Tool

30. May 2018 – Tobii Pro announced the Tobii Pro VR Analysis Tool, which enables eye-tracking studies to be conducted in 3D virtual reality (VR) environments. The tool integrates with Unity environments and has automated capabilities to visualize and measure user interest, interactions, and navigations in a simulated world.

The combination of eye-tracking and VR can identify the factors that direct human attention to a specific number of hypothetical scenarios. Access to eye-tracking analytics is designed to help brands, retailers, and designers analyze the key drivers of behavior and decision-making throughout the customer journey. The new analytics tool will also open up to safer education for individuals, especially in complex and high-risk occupations such as industry, medicine and emergency response.

Tobii Pro VR Analytics – Technological Features:

  • Integrates with existing Unity environments. This allows companies to leverage their existing VR content investment.
  • Designed to work with actual eye movement data, activated by VR headsets integrated with Tobii Eye Tracking technology.
  • Access to analytic data from eye-tracking data, navigation, and interactions is instant, and visualizations are automated.
  • Heat and Opacity maps show the points in a VR landscape that received the most attention.
  • Scene Map with Path Maps illustrate how one or more study participants have moved through the scene to gain an understanding of foot traffic and potential bottleneck areas.

Tobii Pro VR Analytics is based on the analytics tool, which was acquired in January 2018 together with Acuity ETS and Acuity Intelligence.

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