TRACO POWER introduces the medical 3.5 watt DC / DC converters of the TIM 3.5 and TIM 3.5SM series

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  TRACO POWER Introduces the 3.5-Watt TIM 3.5 and TIM 3.5SM Family of Medical 3.5-Watt DC / DC Converters

12. June 2018 – TRACO POWER has announced the market launch of its 3.5-volt TIM 3.5 and TIM 3.5S DC / DC medical grade DC converters in the compact DIP 16 or SMD 16 package, which only measures 0.95 x 0.57 x 0.40 "These transducers are designed for healthcare products that require a small size and application for the patient (BF classification).

The TIM 3.5 and TIM 3.5SM families each consist of 28 models Inputs from 4.5 ~ 12/9 ~ 18/18 ~ 36/36 ~ 75V and outputs of 3.3 / 5/9/12/15/24 / ± 12 / ± 15 Vout. This 3.5 watt DC / DC converters provide reinforced insulation with an isolation of 5,000 VACrms (250 VACrms working voltage) and a leakage of less than 2uA All models are certified to 2xMOPP compliance with IEC / EN / ES 60601-1 3rd Edition Features include: -40 to + 90C operating temperature range (full load); efficiencies up to 83%; Remo te on / off control; EMC compliance to IEC60601-1 4th edition and EN55032 Class A or Class B with external components; Operating altitude up to 5000 m; Undervoltage lock; Overvoltage protection; and short-circuit protection. All models are manufactured to ISO 13485 quality management system, ISO 14971 risk management process and manufactured to IPC-A-610 Level 3 standards with a 5-year warranty.

The products are in stock and available through TRACO POWER's global distribution network with 12 week production time (typical).

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