TrendMiner announces the release of TrendMiner 2018.R1

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  TrendMiner Announces Release of TrendMiner 2018.R1

21. June 2018 – TrendMiner NV, a Software AG company, announces the release of TrendMiner 2018.R1.

TrendMiner is a self-service platform for industrial analytics series processing and asset data. The TrendMiner platform is used by many companies in a number of process manufacturing industries, including: Chemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Metals & Mining, Utilities and Power Generation.

TrendMiner enables process and asset professionals to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance. The latest TrendMiner release provides these subject-matter experts with a look at the root causes of process issues, identifying optimal process conditions, and maintaining best practices. TrendMiner's features will provide users with tools to improve operational performance and facilitate the communication of important results to all involved.

TrendMiner can use algorithms that match those of Amazon to provide recommendations based on user behavior, tracking the entire process. These lines are designed to give users quick recommendations they need to diagnose the causes of process issues.

In the latest version 2018.R1 the recommendation of TrendMiner has been extended by the fingerprint deviation tool. The recommendation engine suggests interesting tags to consider based on deviations from their expected and defined dynamic behavior. This can be used, for example, to find causes when deviations from the Golden Batch profile or performance outside of the best operating zones occur. With the recommendation functions of TrendMiner new root causes can be found and mitigated.

TrendMiner reveals data analysis capabilities and users explore a wide range of operational production behavior. The Work Organizer creates an environment that supports a method for organizing analytical results in user views by project, by asset, or other preferred structure. The key element of this feature is the provisioning of folders for organizing user views.

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