TrendMiner introduces the update for TrendMiner 2018.R2

 TrendMiner introduces the update for TrendMiner 2018.R2 

  TrendMiner introduces TrendMiner 2018.R2 update

7. December 2018 - TrendMiner NV, a software company, has announced its current software update: TrendMiner 2018.R2. The release contains a number of functions, collectively called ContextHub. Other additions include: OSIsoft PI Event Frame Integration, a related context element search to filter time series data, and other enhancements to the recommendation engine that help operators and engineers accelerate root cause analysis of process anomalies.

TrendMiner enables process and asset professionals to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance through trend analysis of time series data. The introduction of ContextHub improves annotation flexibility, providing process and asset professionals with brand-new insights into their data. ContextHub is a contextual repository, search engine, and collaboration platform that seamlessly adapts to assets, processes, and events. The platform can be configured for the context itself to become a powerful new dataset that can both be visualized and analyzed. It also serves as a starting point for the analysis of time series.

Context items can be auto-collected, manually entered or easily imported from other manufacturing solutions, such as: From batch systems (eg OSIsoft PI Batch), laboratory information management systems, computer-aided maintenance management systems and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) systems maximize the flexibility of context information.

TrendMiner, already deeply integrated with the OSIsoft Asset Framework, now provides instant access to historical and new event frames for OSIsoft PI System users and others. These ecosystem synergies provide OSIsoft customers with the ability to access event frame information, browse through related information, and initiate discovery and diagnostics analysis.

The ability to search for context items gives users the ability to actively use the collected data context as part of the TrendHub analysis itself. Users can select saved ContextHub views from which they visualize, filter or overlay time periods in TrendHub can. Contextual items can now become a quick starting point for trend analysis and facilitate filtering requirements in all time series data. This feature also effectively speeds up root cause analysis or can even create fingerprints and monitors that send notifications to the control room and adjust process parameters as needed.

TrendMiner was developed by engineers for engineers and highly skilled user feedback. Each release contains enhancements based on user ideas and suggestions. Key enhancements in the TrendMiner 2018.R2 release include:

  • Hierarchical organization of stored fingerprints that help monitor process performance.
  • Fingerprints used to monitor process performance can now be used for early warning. This helps avoid the trigger for harsh alarms and help control room personnel take appropriate action.
  • For diagnostics analysis, TrendMiner provides a comparison table that presents the statistical difference between various tags of interest that can be exported as an XLS file for use in other systems.
  • Further expansion of the powerful recommendation engine capabilities. This machine learning tool now uses the match patterns found in the historical data to recommend possible causes for process anomalies, which increases the likelihood of recommendations.

Full functionality, new ContextHub, and various usability enhancements will help reduce the time and effort needed to solve device and process issues. TrendMiner's goal is to help customers make better and faster decisions by providing analysis capabilities to those who can interpret the data.

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