Valcor Engineering announces the product lines SV22, SV26 and SV102


 Valcor Engineering announces SV22, SV26 and SV102 product lines

17. May 2018 Valcor Engineering, a developer and manufacturer of solenoid valves and control components for fluids and gases, announced the SV22, SV28 and SV102 product lines. The SV102 is a precision pressure regulator and the SV22 and SV28 are high flow electronic valves.

The SV102 is a manual controller. It is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Typical applications include: pressure control of inks and shades in printing applications, inert gas pressurization of reaction vessels, control of the flow of process gases in packaging applications, and various other applications in food processing, pharmacy, and manufacturing.

The SV22 and SV28 have a cycle life of over a billion cycles in a high flow rate design. These valves are suitable for many applications in many industries.

The SV22 is available in 2-way and 3-way configurations and can be used in many applications, including inert gas controls in packaging applications, CP cuff inflation control, CPAP devices. Seal Control, Air Pilot Control, Welding Gas Control, Filling and Dispensing, Reagent Control, Purge / CIP Applications, and Process Fluid Control

The SV28 uses gas flow control technology. The operator is able to vary the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. The constant gain and low hysteresis of this valve provides some controllability. The valve can be controlled using DC, open or closed control and even pulse width modulation to cover a range of applications

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