Yokogawa VF701 V net interface card

Ocean Part is a good Yokogawa VF701 Vnet interface card ( Yokogawa VF701 ) supplier and you can trust us. VF701 Yokogawa V net is discontinued now and VF702 Control Bus Interface Card is the replacement. VF702 Control Bus can be compatibility with VF701 V net. Please click to Send inquiry.


VF701 Yokogawa V net interface card
VF701  Yokogawa V net interface card


VF701 Yokogawa V net interface card Overview

VF701 interface card Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Protection Level:
External Size:
22 (w) x126.5 (H) x193.54 (D) mm
Current Consumption:
Max. 2.4 A
Power supply voltage: 3.3 V ± 9 %
Approx. 0.15 kg (T-type connector excluded)
Connection method:
Connect a coaxial cable with Model YCB146, T-type connector
10BASE-2 compliance
BNC connector
Max. distance:
185 m (When using 10BASE-2 cable only)
Applicable revision:
PCI Express CEM Specification 1.0a x1, 2.5 GT/s signaling
EMC Standards:
[CE Marking]
RCV lamp:
Lights when it detects signals o

Manufacturer: Yokogawa Electric Corporation


VF702 can be compatibility with VF701 Yokogawa V net interface Card

Yokogawa V net interface Card VF701 is discontinued now, VF702 control bus is the replacement. VF702 can be COMPATIBILITY WITH VF701.

• The V net interface of VF702 is compatible with that of VF701 interface Card, so that a mixture of VF701-installed stations and VF702-installed stations is allowed on the same control bus.

• Setting the domain number and station number of a VF702 card can be performed in a same way as for a VF701 card.

• VF702 can be used in R3.05 or later.


Download Yokogawa VF701 & VF702 from here


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