Watlow Releases the WATCONNECT SERIES C1 Control Panel for Non-Hazardous Areas

  Watlow releases the WATCONNECT SERIES C1 control panel for non-potentially explosive areas

11. May 2018 – Watlow, a developer and manufacturer of complete thermal systems, recently introduced the C1 Series explosion-proof control panel. This addition to Watlow's WATCONNECT control panel family includes Watlow's thermal components in a UL-approved package that can be delivered in less than two weeks.

The C1 SERIES is a standard single-phase control field that is configured for one or two loops. WATCONNECT controllers integrate Watlow process temperature controllers with DIN-A-MITE thermal power and process temperature control power supplies.

The C1 SERIES provides lower power inputs for access to cabinet panel connections A cabinet mounted to a wall or frame and fast acting fuses to protect sensitive semiconductor components from harmful currents.

WATCONNECT modules also support a variety of sensor inputs, including ASTM J, K, and T thermocouple types, 3 – 100 ohm RTDs, and 4 to 20 mA process inputs to ensure compatibility with field devices.

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