Weidmüller announces OMNIMATE Power Printed Circuit Board (PCB) terminals

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  Weidmüller announces OMNIMATE printed circuit boards

4. June 2018 – Weidmüller announces the expansion of its OMNIMATE Power printed circuit board series with OMNIMATE Power LUF and LUFS 10.00. Both connection variants are equipped with the Weidmüller PUSH IN connection system for the wiring of solid, stranded or wire-end ferrules from 18 … 6AWG to prevent possible damage to printed circuit boards. Selected versions of these Weidmüller terminals are UL / CSA approved for use up to 61 A and 600 V according to UL1059 and meet the requirements for power applications such as drive controllers and photovoltaic converters.

The OMNIMATE Power LUF and LUFS 10.00 PCB Terminal Blocks offer options from activating the clamp to aligning the wire entry. The LUF 90 degree orientation clamp is available in 1- to 12-pin versions with a tool-free operating lever above each terminal for terminal opening. The LUFS is available in both 90- and 180-degree orientation in 1-pin to 12-pin versions and has a screwdriver to open each terminal. When the lever or knob is released, the clamp automatically closes on the cable to ensure a reliable connection. Diagnostic probes and a redundant pin design for increased PCB stability eliminate the need for an additional mounting flange and increase system integrity

This rating applies to terminal versions with 2 or 3 pins in alternate positions per pole. These provide the creepage distances required to maintain a higher amperage. OMNIMATE Power LUF and LUFS Terminals with 4 or 6 pins in alignment per pole are designed for up to 58A and 300V due to the reduced spacing between poles. Specific evaluations for the commercial (B), general industrial (C) and industrial equipment groups (D) are provided in Weidmuller supporting materials to assist customers in product specification and selection procedures.

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