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  Womaster Releases Bypass Technology Explanatory Video

25. June 2018 – WoMaster made a demo video explaining the bypass technology in train networks.

Train networks typically use a linear topology for their backbone switches. In fact, there is a potential problem for linear topology: when one of the Ethernet switches in the backbone goes offline, it breaks the connection further down the network. WoMaster's M12 PoE switches are equipped with bypass technology to avoid this problem. The video recorded by WoMasters FAE explains and demonstrates how this technology works.

For the evasion demonstration Layer 2 Managed M12 PoE Switch MP310 and Layer 3 Managed M12 PoE Switch MP614 were used in topology to simulate the onboard train network line topology Railway wagons and train drivers. The demo showed that even in the event of a power outage / failure in one of the switches, the data flowed continuously from wagons to a train cabin thanks to the support of bypass technology.

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